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expertise  Human Resources

Our HR team is highly experienced in:

Recruitment Market

An understanding of the market for recruitment in Bulgaria, together with a service for:

  • Selection of appropriate job advertising media,
  • Sorting of applications according to client’s specifications,
  • Interviewing and short listing of candidates.
Job Culture

Understanding of the working culture, climate and opportunities in Bulgaria together with information on skill and ability levels and availability, location opportunities, and explanation of and expectations from the Bulgarian educational system.

Employee Relations

Introduction to employee relations in Bulgaria together with labour law, union organisation, custom and practice and workforce strengths and expectations.

Coaching, Employee Development and Training

Coaching for expatriate employees in Bulgarian work and culture.

Training for Bulgarians in interpersonal skills, communication, teamwork and decision making.

Specific consultancy

Preparation of reports with recommendations regarding working practices and organisation structures in Bulgarian manufacturing and service industries.

Advice on and implementation of appropriate appraisal and grading systems for a Bulgarian workforce.